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Why Outsource
Labor accounts for more than 75 percent of the cost of developing software and services, and the market for highly skilled IT professionals is very tight in the United States. A Development Center at India can bring the same level of profits while decreasing the operational investment by over 60% and generate a ROI of over 75%.

Without discipline in managing offshore relationships, a company can not only squander the cost and time savings it had hoped to gain through them but can also face other problems, such as late deliveries, escalating costs, mismatches between expectations and deliverables, and even outright failure. Knowledge intensive, critical and core business activities are done on-site and all the other software development activities are being outsourced like Software Development, Migration, Testing, Backend operations and Data conversion.

Companies that use offshore partners to do their non- discretionary programming (maintenance and enhancements of legacy systems, for example) also find that lower offshore costs free up capital for new development efforts—say, on mobile- commerce applications.

Why India?
India has twice as many technical graduates as the United States does, on an absolute basis. The result is that Indian software developers can maintain a critical mass of qualified employees in any specialty despite turnover rates that can be quite high. Thanks to quality-of-supply and cost advantages, India is by far the preferred offshore location.

Advantage in Quality, Time-zone, Scalability and Cost
Greater Flexibility - Reduce your time to market, which is particularly critical to start-ups and where new opportunities present themselves. Avoid being locked into fixed overheads for a business process that may only be in place for a limited time before change is needed.

Lower Costs & Higher Performance - Business process outsourcing eliminates hidden costs, such as management time, recruitment and office space. These costs are placed by a known, visible cost every month based on a service level agreement. 'Specifically' you reduce direct costs because most business process are dependent on IT and we are IT specialist.

Outsourcing also enables flexible staffing, according to the business demand. Since you are sharing resources with others, you will also benefit from our lower cost structure.

Individual approach, every client is given personal attention Competitive price.
Inexpensive services, quality at its best
Meeting the deadlines of the projects to meet the requirement of the customer.

Data Security

To ensure the security of client’s data, we take security measures at the following levels:
a) Premises
» Custom bonded offices
» Random checks
» Prohibition of entry of unauthorized person in building premises
» Access Control Card System to lock the premises
» Regular monitoring of entire premises through CCTV
» Adequate security personnel
» Well protected document storage area
» Movement of devices is restricted

b) Systems

» Security mechanism like Mail Scanning, highly secured server firewalls etc.
» No output devices in any of the systems
» Unique username and password for each employee to access their system
» Prohibition of unauthorized access to the systems
» Limited access to employees as per their work requirements

c) Personal Level

» Strict Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreements to bind all employees
» Constant monitoring of PCs
» Careful monitoring of presence of any employee in the premises before or after working hours

d) Backup System

» Back up office for disaster management
» Servers and back up servers